Russenberger Prüfmaschinen AG (RUMUL in short) of Switzerland established in 1964 is a leading manufacturer of resonant fatigue testing machines in the world. Resonant testing machines are fast dynamic testing machines that along with the time energy saving and non-polluting testing systems that they provide are the most favorable testing machines for life prediction of components in the High Cycle Fatigue (HCF) and Very High Cycle Fatigue (VHCF) range. Provision of very high test frequencies (40 Hz – 260 Hz) results in reduced test times in comparison to servo hydraulic fatigue test systems. Tests under certain environmental conditions as well as fracture mechanical tests are also provided. Test results include S/N curves, DK-Threshold value on fracture mechanics specimens. Application of resonant testing machines includes fatigue test of aerospace and automotive components, turbine blades, rebars, conrads, chains, fasteners, etc.

pH measurement

EDT’s pH meters combine accuracy with ease of use. The range includes splash proof bench type as well as portable meters. Automatic temperature compensation is available. The meters can be used with any pH electrodes with BNC connectors.
Various glass and polymer combination pH electrodes, calomel reference electrodes and double junction reference electrodes are available.
The meters provided include models: GP353, RE357, QC355, FE253, FE257.

Conductivity/TDS/Salinity measurement

The meters include both bench type and portable meters. Automatic Temperature compensation is available. Advanced meters also measure: resistivity; total dissolved solids(TDS), salinity and temperature. The EDT RE388TX has a built in re-platinizing option for cells that require re conditioning.
Glass, Polymer and Epoxy conductivity dip cells are available.
The meters provided include models: BA380, GP383, RE388TX, FE280, FE287.

Dissolved Oxygen measurement

Bench and portable meters to measure the dissolved oxygen for laboratory and field work are provided. The meters use the Classic Clark Polarographic cell to obtain the dissolved oxygen in water (liquids). BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) measurements can easily be carried out using the BOD kit.
The meters provided include models: RE347 and FE247.

Ion Selective electrodes

EDT is world leader in the manufacture and development of solid state ISEs. ISE types include Half Cells, Flow cells, Combination ISEs and Flow Plus configurations ensuring there is an ISE for every application. The combination ISEs are easy to use with a long lifetime and they do not require user maintenance and can be stored dry. The electrodes are supplied with BNC connectors.
The Ions measured include: Ammonia, Barium, Calcium, Chloride, Fluoride, Nitrate and many more.

Concentration meter

Any pH meter with 0.1mV resolution can be used to connect ISE’s to measure the Ion concentration. A meter that displays the concentration in ppm directly is DR359Tx. This Ion meter allows up to 5 calibration points to be used. It also has the ability to operate as pH meter with Automatic Temperature compensation.